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EasyBNC™ provides reliable hosting solutions for IRC bouncers on chat networks such as Twitch, QuakeNet, EFnet, Undernet and many others.

Our services allow you to access IRC networks anonymously and securely. Apart from hiding your IP on IRC we do also make sure that you will be online on IRC 24/7. You will never miss a single message with EasyBNC. You may access your BNC from multiple devices (also mobile) and various clients. You can fully modify your BNC either by using our webpanel or the command line in your IRC client.

Our goal is being the best provider for free and reliable IRC bouncers.

Request a free restricted BNC or get a fully featured ZNC bouncer by donating. Donors will automatically receive premium membership. Do you need help? Read the Help tab or contact our staff.

24/7 Online on IRC networks!

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